New shadows over the Italian F-35 program

An F-35A Lightning II fighter jet takes off May 30, 2019, at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

The former Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta, during her last days of appointment ensured that the reduction of Italian F-35 program was out of the question. However, in the previous months she decided to spread the deliveries among more years in order to reduce the annual expenditure.

Pompeo – Conte

On October 2nd, after the meeting between the Secretary of State Pompeo and the President of the Council of Ministers Giuseppe Conte, the latter said that the Italian participation was not in discussion.

New shadows

Today, only four days after the meeting, Gianluca Ferrara, senator of the populist party “Movimento 5 Stelle”, stated that the program is not sustainable and could charge Italy for over 50 billion of euro in 40 years. He added that other countries had reduced the number of planes and Italy had to invest in schools, hospitals, public transports instead in a “nuclear strategic bomber”.

The President Giuseppe Conte agreed saying that he is ready to discuss a reshaping of the program.

Movimento 5 Stelle

The populistic party “Movimento 5 Stelle” or M5S was founded by Genoese comedian “Beppe Grillo” and is the first party in Italy by number of votes (last election was held in March 2018).

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